Наши преподаватели являются носителями языка или рускоговорящими с уровнем носителя, что позволяет студенту быстро погрузиться в языковую среду и начать говорить.  Все преподаватели имеют педагогическое и/или лингвистическое образование.

"I personaly believe that any mind can learn a new language. But this is only achievable if only one takes a few right steps."

"Everyday you come into my lesson you must come out a changed person, more enriched, more satisfied and definitely happier"

"You should practice enough in anything you do so that you get to a point it requires almost no effort to do it right.Then you have achieved it!"

"I love theatre, I believe learning a language is like a play; the more you practice it, the more beautiful it becomes."

"Come to our school and enjoy learning with the most qualified and professional teachers"

"I love kids! I love kids! I LOVE KIDS!"

"Everyday I see my students develop their language skills and it gives me great joy"

"Studying French gives you the opportunity to meet with the rich French culture and it gives you the confidence to travel and speak with native speakers"

"I love working at Lingwood, this has been one of my most interesting life experinces. Come join us!"

"Working as an administrator here I get to see every child, parent and teacher. For sure, we have such amazing people in Lingwood"